DŰLŐngélő Wine Tours in Somló

DŰLŐngélő (tottering) wine tours include 2-3 hour long 2-3 wine cellar visits for groups during the whole year.

A great amount of family cellars await for wine lovers in the Northern and Western side of the Somló Mountain, too. There is an opportunity, at an agreed date in advance, to get acquainted with local wines, and to listen to the wine growers’ tales. From our program snacks and colorful programs cannot be missing. 

Ptoto by Györgyi Patkó

What do we offer in the                    wine tour?

2-3 Cellar Visits

In the cellars wine growers wait for visitors.

Time spent in each cellar is 30-60 minutes.

Photo by Zsuzsa Balogh

8-10 Wine Tastings

In every cellar we taste 2-3 or 4-5 sort of wines, depending on what selection does the cellars have.

photo by Zsuzsi Vikker

Cellars welcome 10 to 30 people.

Groups with more people drink comfortably in a crop rotation.

We drink outstanding, mostly cask ripened Somló wines, made of Italian Riesling or other kind. We often taste the “Somlai”, cuvée wine of Somló, which characteristic production site recalls the historical times.

Wine Tour map

The visitors get a map of visitor expected cellars.

Photo by Zsuzsi Vikker

Snack with Wine

Every wine grower offers different snacks with wine next to the glasses of wine.

Photo by Dóra Horváth

The Somló Mountain map indicates cellar GPS coordinates and wine makers' contacts.

These snacks taste great with the wines of Somló: greaves, cheese, hot scones, bread and dripping with purple onion.

Personal Stories

We talk about Somló’s cultural, historical, and geographical things to know spiced with the personal stories of the wine growers.


The Somló wine tasting accompanying programs may vary due to local customs. 

Photo by Gyögry Tihanyi 

Wine growers usually do the grape growing and wine making with the help of their family, and sometimes with day labourers, perhaps they do it alone by themselves. We get to know a lot about the ins and outs of winemaking.

Wine tastings usually are followed by singing Hungarian melodies and cellars organize other programs, tool. These are, for example, cask dancing, wine suck competition, or the wine cask roll competition.

How much does                     wine tour cost?

Basic DŰLŐngélő tour 

DŰLŐngélő Wine Tours cost 6000 Fts per person.

The price contains the 2-3 hour long program with 2-3 cellars visits including snack with wine, and tasting 10 different kind of wines. 

Minimum of 5 people, so minimum at a 30.000 Fts cost, we can ensure the tours with previous booking.

Photo by Zsuzsa Balogh

Extra DŰLŐngélő tour

Wine tours are enriched with the following elements:

- horse-drawn carriage

- live musicm  primate/viola player, accordion player, guitar

-Somló Castle and Somló Lookout geotours 1,5-3 hours

- gastronomy and the wine of Somló: the cellar stewing pot of Somló, roast fish, game dishes

-Somló taxi service

-accommodation arrangement in the Somló Mountain and in the surrounding villages

Photo by Zsuzsi Vikker

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